The Beverly Hills Teddy Bear Company launches new Custom Plush line

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The Beverly Hills Teddy Bear Company launches new Custom Plush line
Image credit: The Beverly Hills Teddy Bear Company

The Beverly Hills Teddy Bear Company is launching a new Custom Plush line. As the name suggests, it’s making customized stuffed animals for all occasions.

The Beverly Hills Teddy Bear Company has been around for about 20 years now. It has been focused on the creation and manufacturing of various stuffed animals and plush toys. Since it has so much experience and access to materials and equipment, the company feels confident enough to embark on the new mission.

The new Custom Plush line is not just about making a personalized stuffed animal. Customers can simply tell the company what they need and want. Then the company can even design an entirely new and custom plushie. It can also do action figures, puppets, mascots, the company says.

“When it comes to custom plush, there is nothing we can’t do”, said David Socha, Chief Executive Officer, Beverly Hills Teddy Bear Company to The Examiner. “We bring a high level of experience to a specialty market that makes us a leading force and an incredible resource for companies looking to tap into the custom plush market”.

The Beverly Hills Teddy Bear Company (aka. BHTB Co.) is also the creator of a variety of brands including Glow Crazy, an innovative glow product, and Bibletoys, a line of Christian toys designed to guide and nourish a child’s spiritual growth.

“Basically, our motto is “If you can dream it, we can make it!” and we truly stick to that. All we require to begin is a rough picture or drawing of what you’re thinking. We’ve had a variety of things submitted to us, ranging from a picture of a live llama to copy to a cartoon character drawn on the back of a napkin. We simply ask for some sort of artwork to allow us to picture what you’re picturing and make sure we’re on the same page! Then, we offer unlimited revisions so we work on this until the plush is exactly like the creator is picturing!”, says Bailley Lanzer, the Project Manager for Beverly Hills Teddy Bear Co.

One of the most unique requests to date is a plush version of a child’s tooth. So there really are no limits on what the company can do. The prices vary depending on the given request as all things are taken into consideration. From what type of toy it is, what materials, how big it is and so on.