The Angry Birds Movie 2 trailer reveals a lot of potential

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The Angry Birds Movie 2 trailer reveals a lot of potentialOne of the biggest challenges in cinema is to make a good sequel to a movie. Rovio and Sony Pictures want to do just that with the Angry Birds Movie 2.

The companies recently debuted the first trailer for the new movie. It shows a lot of potential and promise to be a worthy sequel.

The original Angry Birds movie was quite the success with a revenue of $352 million and about the same in merchandise sale. So, Rovio expects similar results from the new movie.

It’s going to debut in the cinemas this September. The movie will include a new character – Zeta who will contact the outside world from her remote island. And she will bring upon herself a lot of new challenges.

As you can expect, it’s not going to happen without the usual dose of funny moments and crazy happenings. Of course, all of this makes potential not just for the movie, but for new toys and merchandise. So, it’s going to be a good time to be had for Angry Birds fans.