The 2017 Teddy Bear Toss is kicking off with a bang

The 2017 Teddy Bear Toss is kicking off with a bangIt’s late 2017 and this means one thing. It’s Teddy Bear Toss season! The popular charity events are kicking off in high speed this year.

There were several Teddy Bear Toss events this week and they are only going to get a lot more and a lot bigger. One of the first ones was during the Power Dodge Estevan Bruins vs the Humboldt Broncos game.

Fans tossed about 500 teddy bears and stuffed animals when the home team scored their first goal of the game. The Bruins also had the clever idea of also selling teddy bears at the game. This way fans could buy one even if they didn’t know about the event beforehand.

The Teddy Bear Toss was to benefit the Salfation Army. Major Heather Harbin with the Salvation Army was at the game and talked to the Estevan Mercury. “People came right over to the table, and were willing to buy a toy that they’re going to give back to us,” said Harbin. “It’s great. It’s a lovely atmosphere and lots of fun. People’s support is just so amazing.”

As for the benefits of the bears, Harbin says they go a long way. The Salvation Army always gives some of the donated toys to local kids in need and senior citizens’ homes. “Their faces just light up when they get a bear,” said Harbin. “We usually bring a couple, and they get to choose the one they want. It’s surprising to see the reaction.”

Another Teddy Bear Toss event was held at the Grand Rapids Griffins game in Grand Rapids, Mich. Fans donated about 4000 teddy bears and stuffed animals at the event. They will go to Hug-a-Bears of Kent County.

And there’s a lot more to come. The Quad City Mallards are also setting up their teddy bear toss. They will also sell a ticket and a teddy bear for $20 at their game.

And on Dec. 3rd, the Sarnia Sting will hold their 20th annual Teddy Bear Toss. The organizers are hoping to set a record for their event which means more than 3785 donated toys.

And there are still a lot more big names and teams coming. The major teams have even bigger goals with tens of thousands donated toys. So, it’s going to be quite interesting.