The 2017 Gatsby Picnic gathered hundreds of teddy bears

The 2017 Gatsby Picnic gathered hundreds of teddy bearsThe 2017 Gatsby Picnic gathered hundreds of teddy bears at Emerson St over the weekend. Even the rain didn’t stop fans of stuffed animals from the event.

The event is a tradition for a long time, Hawke’s Bay Today reports. Among attendees were and its created by Sarah de Vos and Cate Alizzi.

The 2017 Gatsby Picnic had a special competition, too. People could set up their own gazebo. Then a jury picked the most elegant Teddy Bear’s Picnic-themed tent.

de Vis came up with the idea to participate¬†when she found out that the lyrics for the Teddy Bear’s Picnic were created in 1932. “We already had lots of teddy bears around our houses with eight children between us. I have been collecting vintage items for about 20 so it seem like it would work well”, she says.

And they won! The judges said the tent displayed authenticity and a depth of emotion. This is the pair’s second participation in the event. They say they never expected to win, let alone in the second year.

A lot of other fans of stuffed animals and teddy bears also made their tents. They all loved the experience, meeting other fans and sharing experiences. The event shows one more side of the power of stuffed animals to bring people together.