The 11 struggles Beanie Baby fans go through

The 11 struggles Beanie Baby fans go through
Image credit: Flickr (CC) / Dominique Godbout

To be a fan of stuffed animals has it’s own set of problems. Here are some of the struggles fans of Beanie Baby toys go through for their collections.

These struggles have been pointed by fellow Beanie Baby collector Lucia Peters from the online edition Bustle. We think they illustrate some of the more challenging moments of collecting stuffed animals like Beanie Babies rather well.

We decided to share her thoughts. She says she doesn’t know what happened to her Beanie Baby collection and thinks her parents donated the toys when they moved. Despite missing her stuffed friend she still remembers both the good times and the struggles.

Mind you, those are struggles that are part of almost any hobby that involves collecting things. Especially more so when we are talking about more popular things like Beanie Babies which can go from the shelves pretty fast.

So, the first struggle is when you are looking everywhere for one of the Beanies that you’ve always wanted and you can’t find it anywhere. You know it’s still available, but you simply can find it…

Then comes the second struggle. You finally find the elusive Beanie Baby, but… it’s retired and it’s online for a crazy price. So you are pretty much priced out from ever getting it.

Thus, you often miss out on limited edition Beanies which makes you feel like your collection is lacking. Then you miss out on Teenie Beanies too, because they go way too popular. The good news is, that a collection is not made up of the items, but from the love you have for them. So you may lack some limited edition Beanie Baby stuffed animals, but this doesn’t mean you are less of a fan.

Now, if you collected them for the idea of reselling for a profit later on, then there’s another struggle for you. Beanie Baby toys rarely become very expensive unless for some very rare items. If you collect them for anything else than simply because you like them, you are going to be disappointed.

But if you do like them, then you will cherish them a lot. Then, if you accidentally snap the tag off for example, you will feel that struggle. Or if one of your Beanies is damaged and needs repair. Now that is a real struggle.

Another struggle is when someone touches your Beanies or decides to play with then without asking. This is a big no-no for any collection. And finally, when you have so many Beanie Baby toys that when people gift you new ones, you already have them. Well, that’s not that bad, at least they are now twins…