Thank you for 1000 Subscribers! Here’s how to join us!

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Thank you for 1000 Subscribers! Here's how to join us! has reached 1000 subscribers in just under a year of it’s start! Come join us and share the love for the stuffed animals we call friends!

Our site started last summer and was dedicated to the amazing toys we call stuffed animals or stuffies or plushies and plush animals. Whatever way you like to call them, if you are here, then you will agree that they are more than just toys. They are friends, companions, part of the family.

As we have seen many times thoroughout the past year, stuffies help with child development. They help us through tough times. Even really tough times. They can teach us stuff.

They are also able to help us out when we are sick. Stuffies are helping us communicate. They bring people together for more than one thing.

And you obviously agree with us. For just 11 months we have reached the magical number of 1000 subscribers! We always knew there were a lof of you out there. This is the exact reason why we called the site Stuffies are always ready to have fun! We want you to join the party! So welcome and join the community!

Now, for the second year we would like to see more of you taking action. Comment and share your thoughts, share your own news. You can do that right here in the comments section of each article, or in our forum. We are also waiting for you on Twitter and Facebook! And we have a YouTube channel as well where we would love to see your stuffed animal related videos, too. Don’t be shy!

We also know that there is more to the world than just stuffed animals. This is why we sometimes are looking at various causes. We are also expanding our look to other cool toys from time to time. So, if you want to share something with us, feel free to do it. We will be more than happy to include it. You can find us at the all of the above places!

And if you are just coming here for the first time or simply haven’t gotten around to it yet, don’t forget to subscribe right here! It’s free and we are on the way of establishing a newsletter soon, too! We are waiting for you!