Tesco and Argos join in on the massive UK toy sales

Tesco and Argos join in on the massive UK toy sales
Argos reveals its list of top must-have toys for Christmas 2017

When one does it, everyone must. That’s pretty much the basics of retail. And that’s what’s happening in the UK right now when it comes to toy sales.

After Smyth’s Sainsburry’s and Morrisons announced their big toy sales, now Tesco and Argos join in on the fun. And their reply is quite massive.

Tesco announced a huge toy sale – all of the toys in every of their stores will get a discount. This means around 1800 different toys on sale, from every brand. Including lots of stuffed animals.

The discounts will vary and in some cases they will reach 50%. The sale will continue for two weeks. During that time customers can to to any of Tesco’s 750 stores in the UK and buy toys.

Argos also joins in with a massive promotion. It will last for 10 weeks and will feature a bit of a gaming feeling. Each Wednesday Argos will reveal a new voucher code. It will be valid for one week and when applied at checkout, it will give select toys a discount.

The code will work both in the stores and online. The first code is CHAD25 and will give 25% off all Chad Valley toys, even the ones that are already on sale. This means that fans should be keeping their eyes peeled for the codes asĀ  they just might be for their favorite toys.