Tel Aviv built the world’s tallest LEGO tower for a new record

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Tel Aviv built the world's tallest LEGO tower for a new recordPretty much anything is possible with LEGO. You’re basically limited only by your imagination. People often take this to heart with the colorful bricks. Including some who build very tall LEGO towers.

Now the city of Tel Aviv built the world’s tallest LEGO tower, the New York Times reports. It’s 35.95 meters tall or 117 feet and 11 inches.

According to its’ creators, the new LEGO tower is almost 3 feet taller than the current record holder from Milan. It’s not the first time Tel Aviv tries to achieve this record.

Sadly, the last attempt wasn’t recognized. Official checks found out that not all of the used bricks were made by LEGO. Interestingly enough, this attempt isn’t sponsored by LEGO either. The record-holder from Milan was.

The LEGO tower in Tel Aviv though is a joint effort between Tel Aviv City Hall and Young Engineers, an organization that promotes learning with toy bricks. The tower is intended to honor a child who died from cancer.

Construction took half a million LEGO bricks. Thousands of people at more than two dozen community organizations around Tel Aviv worked from Dec. 12 to Dec. 24 to build sections of the tower. The sections were then stacked together in Rabin Square in the city center over the last two days. People used to crane lifts to hoist workers up and a mobile construction crane to pick the sections up. The tower also uses steel cables to help keep it stable.

The result, announced on Wednesday, was a tower of 35.95 meters (or 117 feet 11 inches. This is 90 centimeters, or 35 inches, taller than the structure built in Milan. There was no Guinness World Records representative in Tel Aviv to measure the tower. City officials said they would submit their measurements and wait for confirmation that their tower was indeed the highest in the world. Until then, at least officially, the LEGO tower in Milan remains the record holder.