Teddy Rescue helps you find your lost teddy bear

Teddy Rescue helps you find your lost teddy bearLosing your teddy bear is a very unpleasant event. But a new British company called Teddy Rescue might help you find your lost teddy bear.

Of course you can always just buy a new teddy bear. And while this is great, the new one can’t really replace your old friend and instead you start to build a new connection with it.

Meanwhile all the memories are lost with your stuffed friend.

Teddy Rescue to the rescue

But Teddy Rescue might help you reunite with your lost teddy bear. Well, technically Teddy Rescue is a part from the travel company First Great Western. They receive and collect lost stuffed animals found on train stations in the UK.

When they collect the toys, they clean them up a bit and post a picture of each stuffie complete with the date it was found and the place. You can browse the photos they post online and contact them with a description of your lost stuffed friend highlighting any distinctive features, the direction of escape (where they were lost); their name, your name, full address and contact details.

Currenlty you can try and find your teddy bear or other stuffed animal that you lost if that happened on First Great Western’s network. It is covering 10 counties in the UK from London Paddington to Furze Platt. And from Bere Alston to Patchway. And from Honeybourne to Peru’sey.

It seems somebody in the company is a big fan of stuffed animals. That shows easily by the description in the site which states: “They have been fed, looked after and many adventures have been had. But now they are missing loved ones and want to return home”.

The lost stuffies are stored safely at the Lost Property in the vaults of Bristol Temple Meads Station. So If lost your teddy bear or know somebody that is missing their stuffed friend, maybe they can reunite through Teddy Rescue. We wish you luck.