Teddy Needs a Bath is a new way to wash your stuffed animals

Teddy Needs a Bath is a new way to wash your stuffed animals
Image credit: Teddy Needs a Bath

Washing stuffed animals may have some science behind it. That’s what the guys at Teddy Needs a Bath are thinking with their project which removes 99.99% of the germs.

Normally, when cleaning a stuffed animal, we simply chuck it into the washing machine, set the correct setting up and that’s about it. But Nicole Townsend from Huntintong Beach, California has another idea. An idea that has earned an investment from billionaire Mark Cuban, 2 Paragraphs reports.

The idea is called Teddy Needs a Bath and it is quite simple at first sight. It is a cotton bag with a zipper which costs about 15 dollars. You put the stuffed animal in it when you are going to clean it in a washing machine and/or a dryer. That’s it.

But according to the company, this will have a big effect on your stuffies. “Studies show that frequently touched objects spread colds and other infections within households; children’s toys are no exception. The Teddy Needs a Bath device helps in the fight against germs by protecting stuffed animals during the wash/dry cycles, so they can be cleaned more often”, says dr. Benjamin Tanner, who is the founder, principal and scientific director of Antimicrobial Test Laboratories LLC.

He’s tested Teddy Needs a Bag in the laboratory to see the effects on the stuffed toys after cleaning. According to him, the results show that 99.99% of the germs from the stuffies. This includes dust mites and other potentially harmful germs.

Teddy Needs a Bag will help out for very dirty toys too. Even ones that are played with by pets. The company says it is not as simple as taking a cotton bag. They say there have been several prototypes and over a year of development behind Teddy Needs a Bag.

Whatever the case it is good to see some attention to the topic for clean toys and some more extra accessories in the field. Also don’t forget to check out how to clean giant stuffed animals that can’t fit into the washing machine. See how to disinfect stuffies, how to treat them from bed bugs, dust mites, lice and other allergies.