Teddy bears finally get their own emoji icons

Teddy bears finally get their own emojisYou may be surprised, but teddy bears still don’t have their own unique emojis. This is about to change with a new set of emojis coming from The Unicode Consortium. Finally, stuffed animals will have a proper representation.

For the older ones of our readers, emojis are the little smiley faces and other small images which are often coming along with the text in chat apps, social media, etc. They have grown to be very popular over the past few years.

Many companies have their own unique emojis which they include in their apps and devices. But there’s also an official set of emojis. It’s governed by The Unicode Consortium which this week adds 157 new emojis to the catalogue, Brinkwire reports. This means the official emoji set is now sitting at 2823 emoji icons.

The new set features a range of new hairstyles, superheroes, people, emotions, animals, etc. No major vendor has yet released their updates, but based on past trends, it’s expected that the new emojis will be available on Twitter, EmojiOne, Facebook and Microsoft from June to August. Google and Apple are expected to have the update at some point from September to December, and Samsung in January of next year, Brinkwire adds.

There are also lots of “random” emojis. Teddy bears fall into this set along with a skateboard, tennis ball, magnet, broom, fire extinguisher, etc. There’ also a puzzle, soap, sponge and a lot of other stuff. The teddy bear looks quite cute and you can’t mistake it for a real bear. It’s an obvious plush toy which is good. It will help arctophiles to express their love for teddy bears a lot better.

As for the rest of the emojis, well, you will have even more options to express yourself. And the Consortium is already working on the 12-th new set of Emoji icons. This one will debut in 2019.