Teddy bears are looking for their owners after the Winnipeg Teddy Bear Picnic

Teddy bears are looking for their owners after the Winnipeg Teddy Bear PicnicFans of teddy bears had a blast during Sunday’s Winnipeg Teddy Bear Picnic. With other 22 000 attendees, some stuffed animals lost their owners.

As you can imagine, they need your help. Surprisingly, only five stuffed animals seem to be lost. That’s impressive considering there were tens of thousands of them at the annual event at Assiniboine Park.

This was the 31st annual Teddy Bear Picnic in Winnipeg. With so many people there, the event is as big as ever.

One of the organizers of the teddy bear picnic is the Children’s Hospital Foundation of Manitoba. Their staff found the stray stuffed animals and took them home.

The toys in the picture above are the ones that are missing. We see a cute white teddy bear with a blue outfit, a scarf and a winter hat. There’s also a furry looking stuffed cat and a cute pink bunny which is holding a carrot. Also among the lost and found stuffies is a brown teddy bear and a small Beanie Baby plushie.

Of course, there’s always the possibility that there are more toys that were lost, but someone else picked them up. So, if you were at the event and lost or found a misplaced toy you should contact The Children’s Hospital Foundation at 204-787-4000.