Teddy Bears and Terminators seem to mix well

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Teddy Bears and Terminators seem to mix well
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If you’ve watched Terminator Genisys, you’ve seen that Arnold Schwarzenegger playing the good terminator is using a teddy bear for a cover. There’s also another project which turns a teddy bear into a somewhat of a terminator protector.

It seems that teddy bears and terminators seem to mix well. Granted, the fate of the teddy bear in the movie is not that good as it ends up in pieces. But, as short as an appearance the stuffed animal had, it was enough for build a fanbase.

During the premiere of the movie in Japan, fans gave Arnold Schwarzenegger another big teddy bear as a gift. Arnold seemed to like the gift quite a lot, as he was smiling and laughing and took a good amount of pictures with the big teddy bear.

Here is Arnold happy with his new stufed animal friend:


But that is not all. While teddy bears can help terminators, by being, you know, teddy bears, they can also become terminators themselves.

This is what Erwin Ried did with a charming looking teddy bear. He took an Xbox Kinect sensor, added a 3D printed exoskeleton, motorized parts and then programmed the whole thing to move like a robot. The result? A cute, but slightly creepy looking moving teddy bear.

The teddy bear terminator is made to protect you when you sleep. It also has two red LEDs to illuminate the face of the teddy bear terminator in response to the facial expression of the person who is controlling it. So there you go, you could have your very own terminator… in teddy bear form… theoretically.