Teddy Bear Toss events go out of the hockey halls and into big soccer stadiums

Teddy Bear Toss events go out of the hockey halls and into big soccer stadiums
Image credit: Twitter/ @goal https://twitter.com/goal/status/1076489484529750016

Teddy Bear Toss games have been a hockey staple for years. But their popularity is also growing in other sports, too. Like soccer and they do it big.

Soccer, or football, as it’s more known outside the US, gathers massive crowds. So, they seem like the perfect place for some charity.

This is exactly what the fans of Spanish team Real Betis did this weekend. They had their own twist on the teddy bear toss.

Instead during the home team’s first goal, they decided not to stop the game and use the half-time break. It was then when the fans started throwing hundreds upon hundreds of stuffed animals onto the pitch.

Considering the stadium is quite large and the pitch is a little ways away, most of the toys actually landed on the walkway.

The team hasn’t announced an official number of donated stuffed animals, yet. But judging from this picture after the game, they were quite a lot. All of them will go to local charity organizations and kids in need.

If this becomes a tradition, you can imagine the amount of teddy bears and stuffed animals soccer games can gather. This game was visited by 49 426 fans. Not all brought stuffed animals this time, though. But with time, things may change and it will become a massive teddy bear toss event.