Teddy Bear Toss blunder in the UK doesn’t stop the party

Teddy Bear Toss blunder in the UK doesn't stop the party
Archive Image credit: Wikimedia Commons / Resolute

Teddy Bear Toss events are not popular only in the US. They are gaining steam in other countries, too. One of them is the UK. But there was a slight issue during one teddy bear toss recently, ESPN reports.

The issue in questions was during the UK Elite’s Ice Hockey League game between the Sheffield Steelers and Coventry Blaze. As always the cue for the toss is the home team’s first goal.

So, when the Steelers scored, everyone started throwing teddy bears. It turns out though, there wasn’t an actual goals.

The Coventry goalie Miroslav Kopriva though made a stunning save inches away from the goal line. The Steelers forward Jonas Westerling didn’t see that and was celebrating what he thought was his goal.

The fans also saw that and started throwing the stuffed animals onto the ice. The waves of the referees there’s no goal didn’t stop the bear avalanche. Nor did the Steeler’s announcer.

Fans continued to throw the bears despite there was no music or celebration. In the end, it may have been for the better. The Steelers ended up losing 2-0, so at least fans had a good moment of a teddy bear toss thinking it was a real goal.