Teddy Bear Posse in Fargo gets a record number of stuffed animals

Teddy Bear Posse in Fargo gets a record number of stuffed animalsSome great news from Fargo. The local Teddy Bear Posse edition has gathered a record number of stuffed animals for donations in the latest run.

KFGO News reported that the Midwest Radio of Fargo-Moorhead teamed up with Gate City Bank for the event. Together they managed to collect more than 5700 stuffed animals.

All of the toys will go to local first responders. They will keep them in their vehicles and give them to children in need.
“If we can give them something to comfort them while we’re on scene, open up to them or have them open up to us, we can start a conversation with them, make them feel relaxed and comfortable” Cass County Sheriff Jesse Jahner said. “It’s definitely a benefit.”

The teddy bears and stuffed animals will go to police officers, deputies, state troopers, paramedics and firefighters in North Dakota and northwestern Minnesota. And work is underway to organize the next edition of the Teddy Bear Posse.