Teddy Bear Heating Pads for winter

Teddy bear heating pads for winter
Image credit: Thermalaid

For winter and soothing pain, teddy bear heating pads are an ideal companion. There are many teddy bear heating pads and other stuffies available to choose.

We have found some of them today. They seem quite interesting and would do nice in the coming winter months around here. But don’t worry, if you need a cooling pad, some of the following teddy bear heating pads can actually act as a cooling pad as well.

Three brands of teddy bear heating pads

Take for example the ones that Thermal Aid makes. They are available in several versions. You can have a bear, a coala, a monkey, an elephant, a hippo and a bunny. They are all made out of safe materials.

To heat them up, simply put them in the microware for a minute. Then give them to the child, or you use them. You can use teddy bear heating pads for keeping warmth on a cold night or soothing pains like an ear pain for example.

If your child hits his or hers arm for example, you can use the toy as a cooling pad. Simply put it in the fridge for 30 or so minutes. The stuffies are filled with natural corn which keeps temperatures evenly for long periods of time. They are easily washable.

Another brand is Intelex. They make Beddy Bear. Of course you can have a lot of other stuffed animals with the same effects as well. Like a giraffe, tiger and so on. These stuffed animals also can be heated but they have a special extra feature.

They are fragranced with natural dried Lavender flowers and filled with Millet or wheat. So they will smell really nice. Lavender also has extra soothing effect. The company offers dozens of different stuffies with different sizes and shapes.

A third option is Warm Buddy. These teddy bear heating pads and other stuffies the company makes actually hold a Class 1 Medical Device Establishment License. Most of these stuffies feature an removable inner pack which can be heated or cooled. The added benefit of that is that you don’t need to separate the stuffie from the child which is often a problem. You can also exchange the packs but you get to keep the stuffie which you or your child already has a connection to.

You can add a few drops of aromatherapy oil to some to add and extra layer of comfort and health. The warm-up toys help relieve pains, stress and soothe really young children when it’s time for sleep.

So there you have it. Teddy bear heating pads that can help you and/or your child out when you need to soothe pain or just need some extra warmth when you cuddle. Also, you can always make your own.