Target recalls a popular toy in Australia

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Target recalls a popular toy in Australia
Image credit: Target Australia

Target Australia has announced a recall on a popular toy which was sold in the country fro the last 4 years. The recall is immediate.

The toy in question is the Young Ones Light and Sound Guitar. All items sold from July 2014 until September 2018 are part of the recall.

“We recommend you stop using the product and return the product to a Target or Target Country store as soon as possible, where our team members will provide you with a full refund,” a statement from the company said. “A receipt is not required to obtain a refund.”

Anyone who requires more information is being urged to contact Target’s customer support centre on 1300 753 567 or visit

The reason for the recall is that there’s a small part on the toy which could detach. As a result it may pose a choking hazard for kids. The part can only detach if enough force is applied.

To be on the safe side, Target is issuing the recall.