Tales from a professional driver

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Today I will open a new section on our blog, which will be aimed at professions related to driving. A great passion of mine, apart from collecting various vehicles, is also driving them. Passenger cars are driven with an amateur license, while large and heavy machinery requires a professional category and have certain requirements for good health and psychological stability.
In this story I will try to introduce you to my collection from the professional category. You remember me as small, and now it is time for me to appear to you as an adult. After growing up I decided to start working as a professional driver. For this purpose, after I got a license for a regular car, I have to get one for a truck and finally for a bus.

Scale model trucks

I have a few trucks in my collection that I want to show you. I know that the work of a professional driver is one of the most difficult in the world, but this not only does not scare me, but additionally motivates me. It’s time for me to fulfill my dream, to travel around different countries to meet many people and to be of benefit to everyone by delivering goods from producers to consumers. I can develop in two directions. One is in cargo transportation, and the other is in passenger transportation, as I transport people. Both require great responsibility, experience and endurance on my part.
Peterbilt 359
It is a difficult and responsible activity that I have to perform regardless of weather conditions. In heat and cold, rain and snow, I will work in light and dark, and for this my trucks, buses and trams must be of a high standard. Look at my fleet and you will see for yourself that I have exactly such equipment. Now let me introduce you to these strong vehicles. They can carry on their backs both a huge load for thousands of kilometers, and accommodate their drivers in a comfortable and cozy cabin. Their power exceeds 500 hp. and their load capacity is more than 20 tons.
Ikarus 280
Ikarus 280


I admire them and am happy to have them in my garage. The buses and trams I own are also very reliable and guarantee maximum safety and comfort for passengers. This machine can travel hundreds of thousands and even millions of kilometers, but for that to happen, I have to help it by taking care of it and always providing it with the necessary maintenance and monitoring the oil level, the coolant and controlling all units to be in full working order.
For this activity, I am required to have certain technical knowledge related to the device of cars. As I told you, the work of a professional driver is not easy or elementary, but it is what attracts me and I will devote myself to it. The next story will be on the topic of sports cars and will be presented by another presenter who wants to devote himself to this type of driving. Everyone has a dream and must pursue it very persistently until it becomes a reality.