Build-A-Bear completes a full Super Mario line-up of bears and stuffed animals

Build-A-Bear completed its Nintendo Super Mario line-up. Now the entire line-up features five characters including a Super Mario and Princess Peach bears. The new stuffed animals are already making their way to the Build-A-Bear stores in the US, UK and … Continued

Anonymous donor buys a everything in a toy store every year to give to kids

There are donations and then there are donations. An anonymous man is buying everything in a local toy store every year to give it back to the kids. The Secret Santa wants to remain hidden. He only says this is … Continued

Three classic stuffed animals make the list of the toys that changed how we play

Toys are great and vital for a child’s development. And there are always some toys that change the way we play for the better. Some of them are plush. Recently, the New York Times had a feature on the 10 … Continued

The Calgary Hitmen gathered 24 000 stuffed animals at their Teddy Bear Toss

The Calgary Hitmen held their annual Teddy Bear Toss and gathered over 24 000 stuffed animals. That wasn’t enough for the first place this year. Yes, surprisingly enough, it’s been a while since the Hitmen aren’t the holders of the … Continued

Another few thousand stuffed animals were donated by hockey fans during Teddy Bear Toss events

The Teddy Bear Toss season is ramping up just before the main event with the Calgary Hitmen. Before that fans of other teams did plenty to help their local communities, too. There were several hockey games this Friday and Saturday … Continued

How to keep your kids safe with a few great toy safety tips

The holiday season means a lot more toys, a lot more fun and activities for kids. Sadly, this also means an increased risk of accidents. Or does it? The South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control published several great … Continued

Online bots are buying out popular toys before you can

You’ve probably noticed the trend with every popular new toy: There’s a lot of people who can’t buy it because it sells out. It turns out bots might be the ones that buy the toys and not other people. At … Continued

Edmonton woman knits dozens of teddy bears for children in need for Christmas

An elderly woman from Edmonton has a great way to keep herself busy. She is knitting teddy bears for children in need for Christmas. And she makes lots of the toys, reports. Marcelle Jamieson is creating dozens of knitted … Continued

Too many toys is bad for kids’ creativity, says a study

If you ask any kid “Do you have enough toys?”, you will always get the same negative answer. Scientists though believe there is a limit to the number of toys that are good for children’s development. Researchers from the University of … Continued

The Hershey Bears’ Teddy Bear Toss set a record of over 25 000 stuffed animals

The Hershey Bears just set a huge record for their annual Teddy Bear Toss charity event. Fans threw over 25 000 stuffed animals onto the ice. The Hershey Bears played against the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins and won the game 4-3 in … Continued