Amazon is interested in some of Toys R Us vacant stores

Amazon is often viewed as one of the big winners of the closure of Toys R Us. And also one of the reasons as it’s big competition for toy sales. Now it seems that Amazon is also interested in some … Continued

Toys R Us Canada remains unaffected by the brand’s troubles in the US and UK

As we all know, Toys R Us has a lot of problems in the US and UK. This naturally raises questions about what’s going to happen to the Canadian branch. As it turns out – nothing, as it’s not affected … Continued

Toys R Us starts its liquidation sales in the US

Toys R Us started the liquidation sales in all US stores. The sales cover all 735 US stores of both Toys R us and Babies R us. And the company expects stuff to go quickly – between 30 and 60 … Continued

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