A Teddy Bear Clinic drew 1700 people to Greenwich Hospital

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A special Teddy Bear Clinic event drew more than 1700 people to Greenwich Hospital to get their stuffed animals checked and learn more about healthcare. More than 1,700 children and parents took part in Greenwich Hospital’s 17th annual Teddy Bear … Continued

The Jacksonville Zoo had a record attendance at its Teddy Bear Clinic

The 25th Annual Teddy Bear Affair at the Jacksonville Zoo had a teddy bear clinic which was visited by a record 395 patients that were fixed and cured. The patients were teddy bears, stuffed dinosaurs and all other sorts of … Continued

Seven hidden features of Tickle Me Elmo X-treme

Tickle Me Elmo X-treme is a popular interactive stuffed toy which is still being very sought after despite being nearly 10 years old. Here are some secrets of Tickle Me Elmo X-treme. Elmo is one of the most famous Sesame … Continued