Seven hidden features of Tickle Me Elmo X-treme

Tickle Me Elmo X-treme is a popular interactive stuffed toy which is still being very sought after despite being nearly 10 years old. Here are some secrets of Tickle Me Elmo X-treme. Elmo is one of the most famous Sesame … Continued

Queen Elizabeth II Hospital Foundation seeking stuffed animal donations

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The Queen Elizabeth II Hospital Foundation is in need of donations in the form of stuffed animals. They will be used to brighten up children staying in hospitals. “People are very generous and that’s our biggest teddy bear fundraising effort. … Continued

Lake Ontario Park hosted its 21st Annual Teddy Bear Picnic

Over the weekend, Lake Ontario Park was the host of its 21st annual Teddy Bear Picnic. It was attended by thousands of stuffed animals and their owners. The organizers had set up dozens of different activities for all stuffed animals … Continued