Should you pierce the ears of your stuffed animal

Piercing the ears of a stuffed animal is an easy way to personalize it with new accessories. But is it something you should do? Let’s discuss it. If you pierce the ears of a stuffed animal you can add earrings, … Continued

Build-A-Bear announces Batman and Superman teddy bears

Build-A-Bear is preparing for the latest Batman and Superman movie with special new teddy bear and much more! A stuffed Batmobile! Check it out! The new stuffed animals and toys are meant to go along with the upcoming Batman vs. … Continued

Super lice hits 25 states in the US

Another wave of so-called super lice has hit 25 states in the US, health authorities warn. Here’s how to make sure your stuffed animals are lice-free. Lice don’t tend to have a very long life cycle when they are living … Continued

How to make perfume for your stuffed animal

Stuffed animals can often start to smell a little bad. You can fix that by making a special perfume for your stuffed animal and give it a nice scent. We have already covered how to make a scented stuffed animal … Continued

How to fix a tear in a stuffed animal without sewing

Stuffies can sometimes suffer a tear. The obvious fix is to sew them, but you may not be able to. So here’s how to fix a tear in a stuffed animal without sewing. Why wouldn’t you simply sew a tear … Continued

Gund launches a new Star Trek line of stuffed animals

Toy maker Gund has something new for all the Sci-Fi fans out there. A new line of Star Trek: The Original Series stuffed animals which is debuting now. The range features several of the franchise’s most popular characters in plush … Continued

GUND launches a new charity campaign “How Do You Hug”

Stuffed animal toy maker GUND has announced the start of a new charity campaign. “How Do You Hug” will encourage social media activity and donation. The campaign is aimed to transform expressions of love on social media into real-world comfort … Continued

Pet owners bought a lot of stuffed animals for Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day has gone beyond a day to celebrate with your loved one. It is a day to celebrate with everyone you love, including pets and stuffed animals! Actually pet owners in the United States spend a whopping $681 million on Valentine’s … Continued

Stuffed animals remain amongst the top searched Valentine’s Day gifts

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Despite people trying to say stuffed animals are a used up Valentine’s Day gift, they still remain one of the most searched items for the special day. Stuffies are still one of the go-to gifts, shows a research by the … Continued