UCHealth Hospital treats more than 800 stuffed animals in a single day

The UCHealth Poudre Vallery Hospital held a Teddy Bear Hospital during the weekend. More than 2000 people came and more than 800 stuffed animals got treatment. The Teddy Bear Hospital examined stuffed animals and dolls in need of some TLC. … Continued

The Teddy Bear Hospital in Dorset, UK is overflowing with work

The Teddy Bear Hospital in Dorset, UK is having such a high demand it can’t cope. Alice’s Bear Shop shows people do really care about their stuffed animals. The shop is the place to go if your stuffed animals need … Continued

A teddy bear hospital opens doors in Australia

Does your teddy bear need a check-up or something to be fixed? James Cook University in Townsville, Australia opened its Teddy Bear Hospital to help you out. The James Cook University Teddy Bear Hospital is now officially open. It came … Continued

Dubai will open a hospital for stuffed animals

Dubai will soon open a hospital for stuffed animals. It will serve as a way to help children overcome fears from going to the doctor. This is an initiative by Dubai’s Knowledge and Human Development Authority. It follows the belief … Continued

Missing Teddy Bears are waiting their owners in Winnipeg

Several stuffed animals are waiting for their owners after they have forgotten them during annual Teddy Bear Picnic at Assiniboine Park in Winnipeg. The toys were with their owners to check out over 40 tents in the park with various … Continued

Fort Carson’s veterinary center opened a Teddy Bear Clinic

Fort Carson’s veterinary center has opened a Teddy Bear Clinic to show kids it’s not scary going to the doctor. All stuffed animals that came were fixed. More than 60 stuffed animals were brought to Fort Carson’s veterinary center, FOX21News … Continued

Hennepin County Medical Center just did a special Teddy Bear operation

Is it scary going to the doctor? The Hennepin County Medical Center just did a special operation on a Teddy Bear to show that it isn’t. It was part of the Teddy Bear Clinic event which the medical center held … Continued

Two Teddy Bear Clinics will be held this Sunday in California and Connecticut

Teddy Bear Clinic events continue to rise in popularity. This week there will be two such events on Sunday. One will be in California and one in Connecticut. This weekend, the Fox Terrier Club of Northern California will be repairing … Continued

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