Expert warns parents about the dangers of smart toys and stuffed animals

Smart toys are gaining popularity among children and parents, but that’s a bit worrisome. This is what a cybersecurity expert is warning about these toys. Smart toys and smart stuffed animals can be quite fun. They can talk, move and … Continued

Hasbro will make a live-action movie for Furby

Hasbro will make a live-action movie in which the main star will be Furby. A big Hollywood movie producer is also working on the project. The producer Bob Weinstein revealed that he is working on the movie. Hasbro bosses Stephen … Continued

The RPA in Mansfield will hold a special Teddy Bear Concert

The Renaissance Performing Arts will hold a special interactive Teddy Bear Concert next week. It will explore “The Science of Sound” along with stuffies. The concert will be at the RPA in Mansfield, OH. Little Buckeye Children’s Museum is the main partner. Of … Continued

SK Telecom and Intel will make talking teddy bears

Stuffed animals can also take advantage of the latest technologies. South Korea’s SK Telecom and Intel will make talking teddy bears to show the benefits of the latest generation tech. The two companies are developing voice and video communication technologies … Continued

Hasbro unveils new Furby Connect

Furby Connect can speak more than 1000 phrases and has several sensors on its body to feel and interact with people. It can even hold basic conversations. This is the new addition to the classic Furby toy line. It is … Continued

Are stuffed animals the same as imaginary friends

Lots of children have imaginary friends. Often they form an obvious bond with their imaginary pals and that worries some parents. So, should you worry? Imaginary friends usually are just that – imaginary. They don’t have a physical object to … Continued

Jerry The Bear helps children with diabetes

Stuffed animals can be great companions for children. We already know that. But stuffies like Jerry the Bear can help children manage diabetes more easily. Jerry the Bear is a creation of the company Sproutel which is based in Rhode … Continued

Potty Pals are a unique potty training system with stuffed animals

Some parents view potty training as a challenge. And sometimes it might be. Potty Pals are here to help you. It’s a new system with singing stuffed animals. Potty pals are created by Arizona Cardinals player Mike Leach and his … Continued

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