Build-a-Bear adds Sweet Shop Valentine’s Day Gift stuffed animals

Sweets and stuffed animals are the classic Valentine’s Day gift. And while some don’t like them anymore, Build-A-Bear is going full swing into combining both gifts into one with a new toy line of stuffed animals. The new stuffed animals … Continued

How to make the most out of the holiday toy shopping

The holiday season is approaching which means – holiday shopping. But it also means stress and long lines, especially for the hit toys. So, if you want to get the best and hottest toys, but also not break your bank… … Continued

Stuffed animals are named among the best gifts for Easter

A lot of parents want to buy certain gifts for their kids for Easter. That’s great, but you should be careful what you get them, experts say. Often parents get too impulsive and buy their child live rabbits, chicks or … Continued

A glowing teddy bear also makes the Christmas wish list

Stuffed animals once again will be among the top Christmas wishes for gifts. The toy company and retailer Tobar expects a glowing teddy bear to make the cut. The Blushing Night Bear Light will be one of the top toys … Continued

Furby makes the top pick on Amazon’s best toys for Christmas 2016

Christmas is far away, but companies are already preparing for their busiest time of the year. Amazon revealed its top toy picks for Christmas and Furby headlines the list. Yes, stuffed animals continue to be one of the most popular … Continued

Stuffed animals remain amongst the top searched Valentine’s Day gifts

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Despite people trying to say stuffed animals are a used up Valentine’s Day gift, they still remain one of the most searched items for the special day. Stuffies are still one of the go-to gifts, shows a research by the … Continued

Five reasons stuffed animals are a perfect gift

Stuffed animals often are considered for gifts but some people feel these toys have been used as gifts too much.┬áThere are a few reasons why it’s not the case and stuffed animals are a perfect gift. The main argument is … Continued