Build-A-Bear goes Into the Spider-Verse with new costumes

Build-A-Bear makes a journey Into the Spider-Verse with a slew of new costumes for its teddy bears. The designs are inspired by the movie of same title. There’s also a special teddy bear. It’s black, covered with red spiderwebs and … Continued

The Sweet Pups line of plush dogs is coming next month

Brace yourselves, another line of plush toys is coming with big expectations. Meet the Sweet Pups which are coming to the UK next month. Sweet Pups are coming as a new range of collectable pastries. Yes, you read that right, … Continued

The Aurora Police K9 unit is raising fund by selling cute plush police dogs

K9 units often need a lot of funding which is a problem for most police departments. So they usually raise additional money with charity projects. Or by selling cute plush police dogs. This is exactly what the Aurora Police K9 unit is … Continued

Stuffed animals help The Clovis Police Department re-launch its K-9 unit

Stuffed animals are going to help the Clovis Police Department to re-launch its K-9 unit. The stuffies help raise enough money for the project. As part of the fundraising, the department is selling cute toy police dogs. They are selling … Continued

Petsies makes plush toy versions of your favorite pets

Some celebrity pets on Instagram are so cute, you want to hug them. Or maybe you want a memento of your real pet. Petsies makes plush toy versions of them. Petsies is a new company which makes handmade custom stuffed … Continued

Humane Society starts selling a plush Justice dog for charity

Almost a year ago people in Essex were shocked by a case of an abandoned dog bounded with electrical tape. Now he’s happy and well and wants to help others. This is why the Windsor/Essex County Humane Society has made … Continued

The “This is fine” meme dog finally gets its own stuffed animal

If you follow the web culture, you know about the “This is fine” meme dog. Well, after three years, it is finally getting its own stuffed animal version. The “This is fine” meme dog is a comic. Author K.C. Green first … Continued

Yet another example of how stuffed animals can really make a difference

You already know how much stuffed animals can influence your life, right? Not really sure yet? Here is another great example how stuffies make a difference. The folks over at the Australian stuffed animal store Stuffed With Plush Toys reached … Continued

K9 stuffed animals help raise $20 000 for their real counterparts in Redlands

K9 units often need additional help to keep going and be well funded. The K9 unit of the Redlands Police Department raised $20 000 thanks to stuffed animals. The Mexico Cafe in Redlands held its 12th annual Dollars for Dogs … Continued