Stuffed animals help The Clovis Police Department re-launch its K-9 unit

Stuffed animals are going to help the Clovis Police Department to re-launch its K-9 unit. The stuffies help raise enough money for the project. As part of the fundraising, the department is selling cute toy police dogs. They are selling … Continued

Humane Society starts selling a plush Justice dog for charity

Almost a year ago people in Essex were shocked by a case of an abandoned dog bounded with electrical tape. Now he’s happy and well and wants to help others. This is why the Windsor/Essex County Humane Society has made … Continued

Stuffed toy dog has gone missing after a space mission (video)

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Schoolchildren successfully launched in space a stuffed toy dog along with  a video camera. The stuffie has gone missing upon returning to Earth though. The event was a project by kids in the Morecamble Bay Community Primary School in Lancashire … Continued