Steiff celebrates it 140th Anniversary of making stuffed animals

Steiff is one of the oldest toy companies out there. It’s also widely regarded as the originator of the teddy bear. Now it’s marking its 140th Anniversary. To mark the special occasion, Steiff will debut a new collection during the … Continued

The most expensive vintage toys and stuffed animals

All things vintage are once again drawing a lot of attention. This includes vintage toys and stuffed animals, too. Some of them are now gathering quite the popularity and their prices are going quite high. The DailyStar has an interesting … Continued

Victoria and Albert museum will have the biggest ever Winnie-the-Pooh exhibition

The world’s most beloved teddy bear – Winnie-the-Pooh will get another museum exhibition. This time by the Victoria and Albert (V&A) museum and it will be the biggest one ever, the Guardian reports. The exhibition will bear (puns, yay) the name … Continued

The Musée Morinville Museum opens a Teddy Bear tea party exhibition

The Musée Morinville Museum opens a special new exhibition. It will showcase the history of teddy bear tea party and teddy bear picnic events. The Museum has set up quite an interesting exhibition. It will tell the story about the … Continued

Super lice hits 25 states in the US

Another wave of so-called super lice has hit 25 states in the US, health authorities warn. Here’s how to make sure your stuffed animals are lice-free. Lice don’t tend to have a very long life cycle when they are living … Continued

The 11 struggles Beanie Baby fans go through

To be a fan of stuffed animals has it’s own set of problems. Here are some of the struggles fans of Beanie Baby toys go through for their collections. These struggles have been pointed by fellow Beanie Baby collector Lucia … Continued

Meet the original stuffed animals that inspired Winnie the Pooh

You might not know that Winnie the Pooh was actually inspired by real stuffed animals. They are still being kept in the New York Public Library. We’ve already covered the story of how Winnie the Pooh was born quite a … Continued