Nature Cat signs Tomy for new toys and plush animals

The characters from the popular animation Nature Cat will soon get their own real life toys and stuffed animals. Tomy International will be making them. Tomy International will be the master toy licensee for Nature Cat. The company will make … Continued

R. John Wright releases a special new Christmas Kitten Holly stuffed animals

R. John Wright announced it’s latest stuffed animal. Meet Holly. She is a stuffed kitten and comes specially for Christmas. She is a limited edition. Holly will be made in a limited edition of only 250 pieces for the entire … Continued

Golden Bell prepares the first stuffed animal of Roux the Cat

Lil Bunny Sue Roux is a house cat from new Orleans. She was born without two front paws but this doesn’t stop her to enjoy life to the fullest. Now Golden Bell is almost ready with the first stuffed animal … Continued

15 pictures of animals and stuffed animals together

Real animals also like stuffed toys. They like to play with stuffies or just relax with them. We’ve selected a few pictures of animals and stuffed animals together that show all the cuteness you can handle and some more. Does … Continued