How to make sure a long flight with kids goes well

Traveling with kids can be quite the adventure. Trying to balance between kids’ and fellow travelers’ comfort is no easy task. Especially on a plane. Flight attendants have see it all. Especially with parents struggling to keep their kids relaxed … Continued

Travelling Toys Project takes stuffed animals on a trip around the world

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The Travelling Toys Project is an interesting idea of bringing along stuffed animals for a trip around the world. It starts from Toronto’s Union Station. The Travelling Toys Project is the brainchild of McKenna Deighton. She started it as a … Continued

Sending your stuffed animal on vacation becomes even more popular

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More and more people are sending their stuffed animals on vacation as a way to experience new destinations they can’t visit themselves. It is becoming something that gets even more popular as time goes by. It was an idea started … Continued

Stuffed animals souvenirs from around the world gallery

What better way to remember your tips than to bring home some¬†stuffed animals souvenirs? We don’t travel all that much but we do bring home a stuffie whenever we can. Sometimes even more than one. Do you like stuffed animals … Continued