Super lice hits 25 states in the US

Another wave of so-called super lice has hit 25 states in the US, health authorities warn. Here’s how to make sure your stuffed animals are lice-free. Lice don’t tend to have a very long life cycle when they are living … Continued

How to make perfume for your stuffed animal

Stuffed animals can often start to smell a little bad. You can fix that by making a special perfume for your stuffed animal and give it a nice scent. We have already covered how to make a scented stuffed animal … Continued

How to fix a tear in a stuffed animal without sewing

Stuffies can sometimes suffer a tear. The obvious fix is to sew them, but you may not be able to. So here’s how to fix a tear in a stuffed animal without sewing. Why wouldn’t you simply sew a tear … Continued

How to clean a stuffed animal with shampoo

There are lot of options to clean stuffed animals. One of them is to use shampoo and water. But is it something that you should do? Let’s find out! There are several different things you need to consider before using … Continued

A woman has fixed over 30 000 stuffed animals and continues to do so

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A woman in the US spends her time fixing stuffed animals all day. She has already saved more than 30 000 plush toys even for celebrities. Sally Winey makes her living by being a professional stuffed animals doctor. She saves stuffed … Continued

The Jacksonville Zoo had a record attendance at its Teddy Bear Clinic

The 25th Annual Teddy Bear Affair at the Jacksonville Zoo had a teddy bear clinic which was visited by a record 395 patients that were fixed and cured. The patients were teddy bears, stuffed dinosaurs and all other sorts of … Continued

Squadron provides stuffed animals for children of deployed family members

Osage County Squadron 125 of the Sons of the American Legion is developing a GI Josh program which provides stuffed animals to children of deployed family members. While the squadron is small, it is aiming for a big impact, The … Continued

Treatment-resistant super lice found in 25 states

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Treatment-resistant mutant hear lice, which is popular by the name super lice, has been found in 25 states. Here’s what to do for best protection against it. The super lice has been found by researchers at Southern Illinois University who … Continued