Build-A-Bear introduces Valentine’s Day special stuffed animals

Giving stuffed animals as a Valentine’s Day gift is a classic choice. This year Build-A-Bear has a few special plushies to offer for your loved ones. Build-A-Bear introduces several interesting ideas. All of them are plushies, of course. Oe of … Continued

Ex-couple shares custody of a teddy bear

As we’ve said for years now, stuffed animals are quite special. For many people they aren’t just toys, but friends and part of their lives. So, sometimes this creates awkward situations, the Metro reports. One woman on Mumsnet for example … Continued

43% of US adults still cuddle with at least one stuffed animal around

We’ve always said almost everyone loves stuffed animals. Most people just don’t want to admit it, because they fell it’s too childish. It’s not. Actually, about 43% of US adults still keep around at least one stuffed animal, FOX News … Continued

Toys are not just for kids, they are great for adults, too

It’s generally thought that toys are for kids only. But they can actually be beneficial for adults, too. Toys are a great way to relieve stress. A lot of adults still want to play with toys. But since this is … Continued

This custom plushie is the scariest teddy bear you will ever see

Beware, this teddy bear is NOT for kids. It’s for Stephen King’s adult fans and it’s the scariest teddy bear you will ever see. IT (hint) really is. IT was made by Quiet Room Bears and it’s called Pennywise. Now those … Continued

Adults buy more toys for themselves and fuel the market

Toys are not just for kids. Actually, more and more adults buy toys for themselves. That’s what the latest market data from the NPD Group shows. The stats show that one in every 11 toys sold in Britain in 2016 … Continued

Feisty Pets are cute stuffed animals as long as you don’t mess with them

Stuffed animals get to endure a lot. They are hugged and played with all the time. These new Feisty Pets though will show you when they’ve had enough. The Feisty Pets stuffed animals are 4 very cute looking stuffies. They … Continued

Blog: You’re not too old for stuffed animals

Let’s cut right to the chase. You’re not too old for stuffed animals. No one is. It doesn’t matter if you just keep one teddy bear or a whole collection. This site has been going strong for two full years … Continued

Yet another example of how stuffed animals can really make a difference

You already know how much stuffed animals can influence your life, right? Not really sure yet? Here is another great example how stuffies make a difference. The folks over at the Australian stuffed animal store Stuffed With Plush Toys reached … Continued

Hasbro will donate Joy For All Companion Pets to Meals on Wheels

Hasbro is teaming up with charity organization Meals on Wheels. The toy company will donate money and its Joy For All Companion Pets to bring joy to seniors. Also, Hasbro is planning to donate $100 000 to Meals on Wheels. … Continued