The blockchain technology could come to toys and collectables

Toys and collectables generally stay away from most technology progressions. But now they can benefit a lot from the so-called blockchain technology. According to licensing industry veteran, Alfred Kahn , the blockchain technology has big potential in the toy industry. … Continued

Take a video tour of the official world’s largest collection of teddy bears

You might remember our post about Jackie Miley a few months ago. She is the owner of the official world’s largest collection of teddy bears. Jackie is entered in the 2018 Guinness World Records book. Officially she has 8026 different … Continued

Jackie Miley receives a Guinness World Record for the biggest collection of stuffed toys

68-year-old Jackie Miley is famous for her enormous collection of stuffed animals. Now she has an official Guinness World record for the biggest collection, the DailyMail reports. Miley is from Rapid City, South Dakota. She started her collection back in … Continued

Meet the person with the biggest Hello Kitty toy collection in the world

Do you have a lot of stuffed animals and toys? You may think so. But Masao Gunji from Japan most likely has a bigger toy collection than you and it’s all about Hello Kitty. Gunji is from Yotsukaido, Chiba Prefecture in … Continued

Stuffed animal collector evicted from her apartment for having too many toys

Having a lot of stuffed animals is a dream for any arctophile. But it turns out there’s such a thing as too many toys and they can even get you evicted. 73-year-old Nancy Duchovnay lives in Jacksonville, Florida. She says … Continued

Charlie Bears is the stuffed animals maker who you might not know but is widely popular with collectors

We’ve always said that everyone loves stuffed animals. There are even thousands and thousands of collectors of stuffies all over the world. So many that companies like Charlie Bears are growing faster than ever. Charlie Bears is a company created by Charlie … Continued

Ed Sheeran reveals he has an extensive collection of teddy bears

Musician Ed Sheeran revealed he has an extensive collection of teddy bears. They are so many, they fill an entire room in his house. Sheeran, who is 25, was a guest on Graham Norton’s show. There he said he still … Continued

US woman teddy bear collection reaches 10 000 stuffed animals and sets new world record

A woman in Hill City S.D. set a new world record for the 6th time in her life. She now once again has the biggest collection of teddy bears with 10 000 toys. Yes, that is right, for the past … Continued

HugPatrol in Oregon uses stuffed animals to help kids

HugPatrol is a new program by the Anne and Eli Shapira Charitable Foundation in Oregon that aims to help kids in distress by giving  them stuffed animals. The program is beginning from Beaverton, Oregon. The Foundation is giving out stuffed … Continued