Rabbit rescue campaign promotes the use of chocolate and stuffed animals for Easter

A new Rabbit rescue campaign is promoting the purchasing of chocolate or stuffed rabbits instead of live animals for Easter. Here’s more. The Rabbit rescue campaign is run by Hoppy Hearts in a partnership with Make Mine Chocolate! and it … Continued

Pet owners bought a lot of stuffed animals for Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day has gone beyond a day to celebrate with your loved one. It is a day to celebrate with everyone you love, including pets and stuffed animals! Actually pet owners in the United States spend a whopping $681 million on Valentine’s … Continued

15 pictures of animals and stuffed animals together

Real animals also like stuffed toys. They like to play with stuffies or just relax with them. We’ve selected a few pictures of animals and stuffed animals together that show all the cuteness you can handle and some more. Does … Continued