Chemo Ducks stuffed animals help kids with pediatric cancer

Chemo Ducks is a non-profit organization which uses stuffed ducks and special games to help kids understand better what’s happening and comfort them. Now it’s teaming up with Duck Donuts for the cause. Chemo Ducks provides education, comfort and hope. … Continued

Do teddy bears have an expiration date and should you replace them?

For some, stuffed animals are more than just toys. So, even the thought of throwing them away is chilling. But sometimes stuffies might have to be replaced? Often kids have a favorite stuffed animal. A toy they have a real … Continued

Scientists think toys could hold the key to autism treatment

Toys are more than simply a way to play. They have proven capabilities to help child development. Now scientists think they can help with autism treatment. Toys are great. They help children develop their motor skills. They help them learn … Continued

UK authorities recall ‘potentially lethal’ teddy bears

The UK authorities in the face of Trading Standards issued a mandatory recall for ‘potentially lethal’ teddy bears. They were sold from an online retailer. This happened after the Moray Council was informed that a toddler was found with electrical … Continued

A spike of dust mites causes winter allergies – what to do with your stuffies

Are you sneezing quite a lot lately and you’re not sick? The problem might be dust mites. There’s a recent spike of them which can cause winter allergies. According to MD Michael Steven Blaiss for Everyday Health, there is such … Continued

Bed Bugs may become a problem in the West Coast of US

Bed bugs are among the enemies of stuffed animals. The West Coast of the US may have a problem with an increase amount of bed bugs. Here’s what to do. Orkin’s top 10 list nets a few cities from the … Continued

Mom finds insects in the stuffed animal she bought for her child

Well, that’s unfortunate. An Oregon mother says she found lots of insects in the stuffing of a Cozy Hugs stuffed animal she bought for her daughter. Kamren Weiler says to KATU 2 that she noticed a tear in her 3-year-old … Continued

Dubai will open a hospital for stuffed animals

Dubai will soon open a hospital for stuffed animals. It will serve as a way to help children overcome fears from going to the doctor. This is an initiative by Dubai’s Knowledge and Human Development Authority. It follows the belief … Continued

Super lice scare parents into overusing special treatments

So-called super lice is scaring parents into overusing special treatments. This leads to new problems with even stronger lice and chemicals applied to kids. In an effort to keep their kids’ heads clean from lice, parents opt for strong treatment … Continued

9 of 10 parents put their babies to sleep in unsafe environments

For years pediatricians are warning parents about the dangers of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). Despite that, most parents still neglect the danger. A new study, published this week in the journal Pediatrics reports, shows that 9 out of 10 … Continued