Here’s why children latch on to stuffed animals and blankets

It’s almost like a tradition for children to latch on to stuffed animals, blankets or something similar. There is a scientific reason for that. Back in the 1950s, English pediatrician and psychiatrist Donald Winnicott first coined the term “transitional object,” … Continued

How to reduce the risk of allergies because of stuffed animals

Stuffed animals can sometimes be a reason for allergies. They can carry dust mites or other allergens. A few simple tips can help you stay healthy. We all love stuffed animals. They are cute, cuddly and fun. But their fur … Continued

Children grow up too fast for toys, say experts

Modern children are “growing up” too fast for the toys and lose interest quicker than ever. At least this is what more and more experts are agreeing on. Hilary Kennelly, of the West Wales Museum of Childhood, said the industry … Continued

Super lice hits 25 states in the US

Another wave of so-called super lice has hit 25 states in the US, health authorities warn. Here’s how to make sure your stuffed animals are lice-free. Lice don’t tend to have a very long life cycle when they are living … Continued

K-Kids and students will donate stuffed animals to cancer survivors

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Students from the Old Kings Elementary school and K-Kids will donate stuffed animals to cancer survivors as part of their Relay for Life campaign. Even though the initiative will be on April 8th and 9th, the children are already working … Continued

Toys can be essential for the early learning of children

Toys and other stuffed animals are not only fun and a good company, they can actually be essential for the early learning abilities of children. They can help learn colors, shapes, basic motor skills and much, much more. “Toys have … Continued

Here’s why nap time is important and how stuffed animals can help

Nap time is very important for most children, especially in preschool. Stuffed animals can be a great way to help them take those naps and feel better. Preschoolers are one of the most active age-groups and are able to run, … Continued

A 12-year-old girl with arthritis helps others by making stuffed animals

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12-year-old Juliette Harrison has juvenile arthritis but this doesn’t stop her from helping others by making stuffed animals and donating them. It is a heartwarming story. Juliette thought other kids with the same disease my need a little help and … Continued