Sad stuffed animals teach kids to care about pollution

As we know, stuffed animals can and do help with a lot of things. One of them is to teach children about caring. Like the new Pollutoys which help tech kids about pollution. The Pollutoys are a creation by Sea … Continued

Scientists think toys could hold the key to autism treatment

Toys are more than simply a way to play. They have proven capabilities to help child development. Now scientists think they can help with autism treatment. Toys are great. They help children develop their motor skills. They help them learn … Continued

How to improve the sleep of your kids

Proper sleep is very important for every person. More so for growing children. They often have trouble sleeping well, though, due to various reasons. Some kids are just restless, others have bad sleeping habits or patterns. Usually a glass of … Continued

Super lice scare parents into overusing special treatments

So-called super lice is scaring parents into overusing special treatments. This leads to new problems with even stronger lice and chemicals applied to kids. In an effort to keep their kids’ heads clean from lice, parents opt for strong treatment … Continued

Barnstaple prepares a Teddy Bear Picnic on August 13

On August 13 2016 Barnstaple, England is the place to be for local fans of stuffed animals. The town center will host a Teddy Bear Picnic and you’re invited. Families and children from all ages are invited to come to … Continued

A third-grader donates hundreds of stuffed animals to kids in need

A young girl, who is in third grade, has found a great way to spend some of her free time. She donates stuffed animals to children in need in hospitals. About two years ago, Callie Aversano was brought into the … Continued

9-year-old girl donates stuffed animals to children in need

Children can be traumatized by quite a lot of things. One thing can always help them feel better: a stuffed animal. A 9-year-old girl knows it and donates stuffies to other kids in need. Julianna Gouthiere is a fourth-grade student … Continued

Happy Children’s Day to everyone!

Today is one of the several International Children’s Days of the year. It is one of the most popular even if most countries have their own. Actually, there is never one too many Children’s Days. They are a great reminder … Continued

Hennepin County Medical Center just did a special Teddy Bear operation

Is it scary going to the doctor? The Hennepin County Medical Center just did a special operation on a Teddy Bear to show that it isn’t. It was part of the Teddy Bear Clinic event which the medical center held … Continued

How a Teddy Bear changed the life of a teenage girl for the better

We’ve often talked about how beneficial stuffed animals can be. A teddy bear has changed the life of a sick teenage girl for the better and now she wants to spread the love to everyone in need. At 14-years-old Nicole … Continued