Nearly 40 000 people attend the 32nd Annual Teddy Bear Picnic in Winnipeg

We’ve always said stuffed animals have a great bringing-people-together power. The 32nd Annual Teddy Bear Picnic in Winnipeg prove that once again. It gathered almost 40 000 people for a great day out, CityNews reports. The event shows children the … Continued

The 19th Annual Great Teddy Bear Run in Bowling Green is this weekend

If you are close to Bowling Green this Saturday, you can go to the 19th annual Great Teddy Bear Run. Don’t worry, it’s actually a motorcycle ride, so running is not mandatory. Of course, you can simply watch and donate, … Continued

Stuffed animals still among the top gifts and participants on Easter

Easter is almost here! Once again, it’s going to be quite a big celebration for millions of people. And, once again, stuffed animals will have a center role in many of the celebrations and gifts. In fact, stuffed animals are … Continued

Thousands of people attended the Teddy Bear Clinic in Pocatello

Teddy Bear Clinic events are a great way to increase health awareness and care in kids. And the Teddy Bear Clinic in Pocatello this weekend gathered thousands of people. It was quite the event. This was the annual ‘Teddy Bear … Continued

A hotel in Seattle opens a Teddy Bear Suite for stuffed animals

The Fairmont Olympic Hotel in Downtown Seattle opened its yearly Teddy Bear Suite. That’s an annual tradition for the hotel which will last until Christmas, the Seattle Times reports. The Teddy Bear Suite is open to the public every day … Continued

The new Hatchimals are here and are doubling up

After quite a lot of rumors and speculations, the new Hatchimals are here. They come in a bigger, heavier egg and that’s for a special reason. As some of you already know, the new Hatchimals eggs actually contain two stuffed … Continued

How to make the best of a road trip with stuffed animals

Road trips can be quite challenging for parents with small kids. A little extra preparation and stuffed animals can help you make the best of it. There are a few simple tips you can use when preparing for a road … Continued

EPMC & Families For Estes will host a stuffed animal clinic this weekend

Stuffed animals always help us in tough moments, but sometimes they need some care, too. So, EPMC & Families For Estes will host a special teddy bear clinic. The event is this weekend and will be on May 13th from 9AM … Continued

The Teddy Bear Picnic in Charleston will hold a Bear Fashion Show

If you’re close to Charleston today and are free, then go and check out the 8th annual Teddy Bear Picnic. It’ll be at Hampton Park on March 5th. If you follow fashion, you know that now is the season of … Continued