Build-A-Bear releases Psyduck to mark the release of Detective Pikachu

Pokemon fans of stuffed animals can finally rejoice. Psyduck is coming in plush form for them thanks to Build-A-Bear just in time for Detective Pikachu. The cute and quirky platypus is one of the weirdest Pokemons out there. Psyduck experiences … Continued

Aurora World will add even more characters to the YooHoo plush line

Aurora World will add even more characters from the popular YooHoo line of plush toys. They will make their way to the UK via WHSmith, ToyNews reports. The YooHoo characters are popular thanks to the Netflix original series YooHoo to … Continued

The Avengers: Endgame Build-A-Bear sets are quite special

It’s the week of the Avengers: Endgame and everyone are talking about the big movie. What a great way it is to also add some teddy bears to the mix. Now Build-A-Bear has added a whole lot of Avengers: Endgame … Continued

Disney introduces new line of tiny stuffed animals called Wishables

Disney is introducing a new line of tiny stuffed animals for its popular characters. The Disney Wishables line features lots of small plushies. And the line is quite vast. It features Mickie and Minnie Mouse as a start, of course. … Continued

Are interactive toys better than regular toys

Toys have and are changing a lot over the past decades. Technology is becoming a big part of toys and they are more and more interactive. Kids also seem more interested in interactive toys and tech. So, does all of … Continued

Build-A-Bear introduces a cute plush unicorn for the National Unicorn Day

The National Unicorn Day is on April 9th. This year Build-A-Bear will mark it with a special, cute plush unicorn. And you can customize it, of course. The Pink Unicorn Fairy Friends is coming for $25.50. It features a cute … Continued

Tesco also has a half price toy sale for big names

It tends to happen… if one store has discounts, others also follow suit. It’s not only Argos in the UK with a massive discount for many toys this week. Tesco also has one, the Manchester Evening News reports. And while … Continued