Snow Shine smart plush toy wins a major CES 2019 award

Smart toys are getting more and more popular. Now the Snow Shine smart teddy bear wins the CES 2019 Innovation Awards Honouree for the best such toy ever. Snow Shine receives quite the praise. It’s described as the “smartest and … Continued

Amazon pulls the interactive plushies CloudPets from its online store

Last year the interactive stuffed animals CloudPets came into a world of trouble. Hackers compromised its database and that is a big problem. So big, that major retailers are now pulling the toys from their stores. Amazon is among them, … Continued

Parents want more classic toys instead of tech toys

It’s the digital age and this means lots and lots of technology-heavy toys. According to Playmobil though, parents actually want and prefer their kids to play with classic toys which inspire imaginary play. The new poll from Playmobil shows that … Continued

US senator wants better control over smart stuffed animals and toys

A while back the Cloud Pets smart stuffed animals were hacked. A US senator is still raising the subject and wants better control and security for the toys. Senator Mark Warner sent a letter to the Federal Trade Commission asking … Continued

Expert warns parents about the dangers of smart toys and stuffed animals

Smart toys are gaining popularity among children and parents, but that’s a bit worrisome. This is what a cybersecurity expert is warning about these toys. Smart toys and smart stuffed animals can be quite fun. They can talk, move and … Continued

Hackers stole user data from talking smart stuffed animals

Smart technologies and internet connections are making their way to toys, too. Sadly, this makes smart stuffed animals targets to hackers. Now news are coming out that the popular internet connected stuffed animals CloudPets have been hacked. Cybersecurity expert Troy … Continued

Video: How to create your own smart plush toy with artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence sounds like something complex and it is. But now you can create your own smart plush toy which uses AI to communicate with you. This is possible thanks to an open source project called The Smart Toy. It … Continued

A smart teddy bear toy could have revealed the IDs of children

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Smart stuffed animals are growing in popularity thanks to their cuteness and interactive features. But a smart teddy bear was pointed as a security risk. Now, this is not something that you can read about everyday. A teddy bear that … Continued