Check out our plush Crocodile Gena going for a drive (video)

Crocodile Gena is a popular character from a 60s Russian book and then form several animated films. He also has a stuffed toy version which sings and drives. Well, the plush Crocodile Gena isn’t really driving. Not all of them … Continued

Can a baby sleep with stuffed animals in the crib

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Weird toy of the week: A twerking teddy bear

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Potty Pals are a unique potty training system with stuffed animals

Some parents view potty training as a challenge. And sometimes it might be. Potty Pals are here to help you. It’s a new system with singing stuffed animals. Potty pals are created by Arizona Cardinals player Mike Leach and his … Continued

Five Christmas singing stuffed animals videos

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Funny singing stuffed animals

Singing stuffed animals can be very funny. Some of them can also dance with impressive moves. Others are just funny and goofy. You’ve probably seen singing stuffed animals in the stores but you haven’t really seen their full potential. And … Continued