Disney introduces scented plush toys for Winnie the Pooh and his friends

The debut of Disney’s “Christopher Robin” movie is days away. And the company already has new scented stuffed animals for Winnie-the-Pooh and his friends. The new toys come with the partnership between Disney and Scentsy – a fragrance and home … Continued

The Sweet Pups line of plush dogs is coming next month

Brace yourselves, another line of plush toys is coming with big expectations. Meet the Sweet Pups which are coming to the UK next month. Sweet Pups are coming as a new range of collectable pastries. Yes, you read that right, … Continued

The Pikmi Pops plush toys climbed to the top position in the UK

We may have a new plush hit on our hands. The Pikmi Pops line of small, scented stuffed animals climbed to the top position in the UK. And all of this happened for less than three months. The analyst company NPD … Continued

Build-a-Bear adds Sweet Shop Valentine’s Day Gift stuffed animals

Sweets and stuffed animals are the classic Valentine’s Day gift. And while some don’t like them anymore, Build-A-Bear is going full swing into combining both gifts into one with a new toy line of stuffed animals. The new stuffed animals … Continued

Whiffer Sniffer stuffed animals debut in Canada

The popular scented stuffed animals Whiffer Sniffers are making their debut in Canada. All 160 mystery packs will be offered in Toys R Us. The Whiffer Sniffers are popular scented plush toys. Each Sniffer is a dual character and can transform with … Continued

Build-A-Bear will offer special Valentine’s Day scented stuffed animals

Valentine’s Day is approaching and it’s time to choose a special gift for your loved one. Build-A-Bear hopes you will like the new scented stuffed animals. The new line of toys has been just unveiled by the company. The teddy … Continued

Build-A-Bear launches its first line of scented teddy bears

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Build-A-Bear Workshop will partner with Celessence Technologies to bring a new line of scented teddy bears to its stores worldwide starting from 2016. The new line of scented teddy bears is scheduled to be in the stores in time for … Continued

How to restore the scent of a Lotso teddy bear

Disney’s Lotso teddy bear has a tasty strawberry aroma that makes hugging him a very sweet thing to do. But with time the smell fades away. Can we restore it? Yes, there are many ways to restore the scent of … Continued