Twirlywoos and Hey Duggee plush toys hit the stores earlier

The lines of Twirlywoos and Hey Duggee plush toys are hitting the stores earlier due to unprecedented consumer demand, the company Golden Bear has announced. Twirlywoos and Hey Duggee will be based on the TV series that airs on CBeebies. The … Continued

How to embroider a nose on a stuffed animal

Embroidering is a great way to give your stuffed animals a new look. It can also be handy when you make your own stuffies and it is very easy to do. We’ve already covered some of the basics of embroidering. … Continued

Potty Pals are a unique potty training system with stuffed animals

Some parents view potty training as a challenge. And sometimes it might be. Potty Pals are here to help you. It’s a new system with singing stuffed animals. Potty pals are created by Arizona Cardinals player Mike Leach and his … Continued

Lost Teddy Bears at a Hospital Look For Owners

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The Children’s Hospital Foundation of Manitoba in Winnipeg recently had a Teddy Bear Picnic. It went great but at the end there were a few lost teddy bears. The staff has found them and has taken them in. Currently the … Continued