Weird toy of the week: A twerking teddy bear

Sometimes there are quite weird toys out there. A twerking teddy bear for example raised some eyebrows and questions where do we draw the line for toys. A few video clips started going around the web, showing a few different … Continued

HugPatrol in Oregon uses stuffed animals to help kids

HugPatrol is a new program by the Anne and Eli Shapira Charitable Foundation in Oregon that aims to help kids in distress by giving  them stuffed animals. The program is beginning from Beaverton, Oregon. The Foundation is giving out stuffed … Continued

A 12-year-old girl’s research on stuffed animals gets into a medical journal

We know stuffed animals can be helpful to deal with stressful situations. A young girl’s research on stuffies gets the attention of a medical journal. Gaby Zane’s science project expanded from a school project to the focus of a medical … Continued