Imagination Acres turns old baby pajamas into teddy bears

Babies outgrow their clothes quite quickly. And you end up with stuff that you don’t use. But you can give old baby pajamas to a company to make teddy bears. This is exactly what Imagination Acres Farm does. It’s an … Continued

Why some toys become into huge fads for children?

Some toys are really, really liked by children. So much, the toys become huge mainstream fads. For example: Furby and Hatchimals. And now – the fidgets. But why all of this happens? Why some toys seemingly become larger than life? … Continued

EPMC & Families For Estes will host a stuffed animal clinic this weekend

Stuffed animals always help us in tough moments, but sometimes they need some care, too. So, EPMC & Families For Estes will host a special teddy bear clinic. The event is this weekend and will be on May 13th from 9AM … Continued

Wicked Cool Toys prepares a huge new Pokemon toy line (including plush)

Wicked Cool Toys announced a huge new Pokemon toy line. It will feature a LOT of toys, including stuffed animals, action figures, games and more. Wicked Cool Toys holds the new master toy license for the entire Pokemon brand. And … Continued

Blast Around makes motorized rideable stuffed animals

Stuffed animals are not only for cuddling. Blast Around is a company that takes huge stuffed animals and gives them a motor and wheels. Sounds fun! Andrew Renz created Blast Around after one of his friends saw such rideable stuffed … Continued

Vermont Teddy Bear makes 750 stuffed animals a day from 11 000 pieces

Vermont Teddy Bear invited journalists over to its factory and revealed some interesting details about its manufacturing process. Let’s find them out! WCAX Channel 3 was at the factory where Sam Jackman, the assistant store manager, lead the tour. He … Continued

Young girl holds a teddy bear picnic to save the real Gobi bears

The Gobi bear is an endangered species which is on the verge of extinction. So, a 9-year-old girl held a teddy bear picnic to help save the real bears. Matilda Somerville organized and held the teddy bear picnic at the … Continued

A florida teen makes special teddy bear keepsakes for the families of fallen officers

A 14-year-old girl from Florida makes touching keepsakes for the families of fallen officers. Megan O’Grady makes special teddy bears for them. Megan created her non-profit organization Blue Line Bears back in January. Her father is also a police officer … Continued

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