2-year-old boy rescued after getting trapped inside of a claw machine

Ah, the love for stuffed animals. Some of us love plushies so much, we can get into quite the situations because of it. For example, getting trapped inside of a claw machine. Just like a 2-year-old boy who was saved … Continued

The Pikmi Pops plush toys climbed to the top position in the UK

We may have a new plush hit on our hands. The Pikmi Pops line of small, scented stuffed animals climbed to the top position in the UK. And all of this happened for less than three months. The analyst company NPD … Continued

University students went skydiving with teddy bears for charity

Teddy bears and stuffed animals in general are quite the adventure lovers. So, it’s no wonder to see 40 or so teddy bears go skydiving. Especially when it’s for a good cause with Indiana University students. The Indiana University Dance … Continued

The Riverside Discovery Center held a big Teddy Bear Clinic for younsters

Teddy Bear Clinics are great events to help teach kids more about health and going to the doctor. And all is done with the help of the kids’ own favorite stuffed animals and teddy bears. One such event was just … Continued

The Victoria Police issues a new collector’s teddy bear for charity

The Victoria Police has a tradition of launching themed teddy bears for charity. It continues this tradition with the latest special teddy bear. And it’s a very special, limited edition version. Meet Edition 17 Constable T Bear. He is the … Continued

The University of Utah installs a “Cry Closet” with stuffed animals

Stress in college can be quite big. And for many students it’s also the first time they experience high stress, especially before exams. So, the University of Utah, has an interesting solution. It has a “Cry Closet” with stuffed animals. … Continued

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