Eugene retirement facility makes 10 000 teddy bears to donate to kids

Teddy bears are much needed in tough times. They can help a lot by bringing comfort and warmth. This is why the people at a retirement facility in Eugene spend a lot of their time to make teddy bears for … Continued

Hotels are starting to offer teddy bears as amenities for guests

For many people stuffed animals are not simply toys. They are necessities for their good sleep. So, some hotels are starting to offer them teddy bears. The idea comes from the New England Toy Company. It’s offering custom stuffed animals … Continued

Scare your friends with this realistic Alien Xenomorph plush toy

Need something more unusual in your stuffed animals collection? How about a scary looking realistic Alien Xenomorph plush toy? One designer has made just that. Catherine Abanina from Russia makes various stuffed animals for a living. She sells them on … Continued

How stuffed animals can help for creative play

Stuffed animals are great for imaginative and creative play. With them you can help kids create unique make-believe worlds which are very helpful. Creative play is vital to a child’s development. It fosters problem solving skills, creative skills, decision skills and … Continued

Build-A-Bear reveals huge new plans for its Workshops

Build-A-Bear revealed some huge new plans for its Workshops this summer. They will pop up at new places where you’ve never seen them before. Select AMC Theatres in Florida, New Jersey and Pennsylvania opened Build-A-Bear Workshop Pop-Up shops. The in-theater … Continued

Stuffed animal collector evicted from her apartment for having too many toys

Having a lot of stuffed animals is a dream for any arctophile. But it turns out there’s such a thing as too many toys and they can even get you evicted. 73-year-old Nancy Duchovnay lives in Jacksonville, Florida. She says … Continued

Teddy bears are looking for their owners after the Winnipeg Teddy Bear Picnic

Fans of teddy bears had a blast during Sunday’s Winnipeg Teddy Bear Picnic. With other 22 000 attendees, some stuffed animals lost their owners. As you can imagine, they need your help. Surprisingly, only five stuffed animals seem to be … Continued

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