Detective Pikachu gets a new line of toys including a talking plush

The Detective Pikachu movies is coming and the Pokemon Company wants to make sure we are all set for toys. So, it introduced a big toy line for Pikachu, IGN reports. Wicked Cool Toys will make the first wave of … Continued

New Pikachu stuffed animal comes in a ketchup bottle

Pikachu is back in another stuffed animal form. This one is among the most unusual ever. The cute toy comes in a ketchup bottle. Yes, that’s right. This Pikachu stuffed animal is a limited edition. Of course he is not … Continued

The Pokemon Company unveiled new Pikachu stuffed animals dressed as Mario

The Pokemon Company unveiled new stuffed animals which bring together some of the most popular video game characters ever – Pikachu, Mario and Luigi. The new plush animals are available in Japan. They come along with several other collectible items. … Continued

New line of Pikachu stuffed animals come in time for Japanese schools graduations

A new line of Pikachu stuffed animals has been unveiled in time for Japanese schools graduations. The plush toys feature school uniforms and are a pair. March is the time of the year when schools in Japan hold their graduation … Continued

Steiff joins the Pikachu party with their own collector’s stuffed animals version

The Pokemon frenzy is upping it’s momentum. After Build-A-Bear, now Steiff shows off their special edition Pikachu stuffed animal that is for big fans only. If you are not familiar with Steiff, this is an old German toy firm that … Continued

The Build-A-Bear Pikachu stuffed animal is coming sooner than expected

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The Build-A-Bear Pikachu stuffed animal was announced back in October but with not much details. Now there are first pictures and important new information. The original plans called for the new Build-A-Bear Pikachu stuffed animal to go on sale sometime … Continued

Build-A-Bear will be making Pikachu stuffed toys

Build-A-Bear Workshop has announced that it has a new partnership with The Pokemon Company. This will see Pikachu becoming a customizable stuffed toy soon. Starting from 2016 the Pikachu stuffed toy will be available in Build-A-Bear’s stores around the globe. … Continued